How in touch with reality are you?

Take the quiz to see if your feet are firmly rooted in reality or are you a dreamer with no idea what reality really is?

1 A man and his dog are drowning, who do you save?
2 You're on a street corner and see a drunk homeless man asking for money and a college student asking for money wearing a PETA tshirt on. Who do you give money to?
3 You go to close on your first house and you write that big check, what is your reaction?
4 You have to choose paper, plastic, or plastic fiber weave bags at the store; which do you choose?
5 You go for a hike in the Rocky Mountains and you over look a beautiful vista, what are you thinking?
6 You know the economy has taken a down turn and want to know more about it, what do you do?
7 You NEED a new car for a better career, what do you do?
8 You want to do something with your friends this weekend, what do you do?
9 Your kids are begging for a new cell phone like the Droid or iPhone, what do you do?
10 You realize that the world is just going down hill and fast, what do you do?