Are you a duchebag?
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Are you a duchebag?

find out if you are a douchebag, sorry if this quiz is offensive in any way and note. ( if do take this quiz, not my fault if you hate it caus, well you took the quiz ).

1. your friend is having troble reading the english test, what can u do?
2. you see a mentaly disabled person, how do you react?
3. your your about to see an AWESOME METAL BAND, or a gay ass rap crew with a friend but you dont have money to get in the club.
4. got in to a fight, how will you explain why to parent/guardian/boss/cops
5. you see a kittey!
6. you have e-nuff money to buy 5 friends popsicles at corner store(hot summer day)
7. teacher yells at you and makes you go out in the hall,(you didnt even do anything)
8. some one puts makeup in your hair
9. some one smashed ur metallica cd,it was "kill em all" and he is talking shit about them