How good is your relationship?

Find out if the person you are with will stay with you.

1 If you gave your bf/gf a gift what would it be?
2 If your boyfriend/girlfriend messed something up what would you do?
3 If you boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you what would you do?
4 How many times have you hugged
5 How many times have you kissed him/her
6 How long has you relationship been?
7 What is the first thing you say when you see them?
8 How many times have you gone on a date/been with him/her?
9 Do you like him/her?
10 How many times do you think of him her a day?
11 How does he/she feel about you?
12 How would you rate your relationship?
13 Why did you take this test?
14 Choose a number