How fake are you? (Inspired by Mary Wash Students)
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How fake are you? (Inspired by Mary Wash Students)

this quiz will tell you how fake you are in comparison to the fake student at the university of mary washington.

1. do you think that other people think you are fake?
2. do u tlk shyt about the people you hang with?
3. do you hop from group 2 group (gettin info to talk shyt about)?
4. do ur friends tlk about people u kno to u, and do u keep it to yourself?
5. have u denied sayin sumthin u know damn well u said?
6. do u get mad wen people tlk bout u wen u kno u was tlkin shyt bout them last week?
7. would you talk about someone behind there back instead of steppin 2 their face?
8. do u say some things around some people and different things around other people?
9. if u gotz a prob wit sum1 do u tell them or tell ur "friends"?
10. do you talk shy about people on FB but cant say it to their face?