How Well Do You Know Twilight?

This quiz was designed by 2 overly obsessed fanatics and you will not pass it. I guarunteed to fail. Good Luck!

1 What is Bella's carry on item on the flight to Forks?
2 In Renee's first e-mail to Bella, what can't she find?
3 What color are the walls in Bella's room in Forks?
4 What momento does Edward keep during one of thier rendevouz?
5 What color is Edward's jacket?
6 How does Bella describe discovering Edward's way of traveling?
7 What is Edward's first attempt in describing how Bella smells to him?
8 Who is Dr.Snow?
9 In the letter Bella left for Edward, what did she say she wanted him to do to James?
10 In the ballet studio before Bella loses conciousness, what is the last thing she hears?
11 What was the key word in Bella's sentence in the prom scene that gave away what she thought the black-tie event was for?