How big a fan of Indian Cricket are you ?

Quiz for anyone who considers themselves a fan of Indian Cricket. This is a fairly hard quiz so don't be disheartened. Hopefully you know your cricket history.

1 Who is widely regarded as the best ever close-in fielder at short-leg for India and perhaps the world?
2 Who top-scored in the 1983 World Cup final ?
3 Who was the last man out in the famous tied test at Madras vs Australia in 1986 ?
4 Which Indian bowler's bowling was famously described as 'he came of the pitch like crack of doom' ?
5 Who was the only Indian to play for both England and India, making a debut hundred in infamous Bodyline Ashes of 1932 ?
6 Which of these was a famous Indian bookie at heart of the 90s match-fixing scandal involving players from several countries ?
7 Who holds the Indian record for most 6s in a test innings ?
8 Who hit the first century for India in test cricket ?
9 Who holds the record for quickest hundred by an Indian in ODIs ?
10 Who bowled the last over in the Hero Cup semi-final (93) against South Africa conceding only 3 runs when 6 were needed; to lead India to final ?
11 Who holds the record for most consecutive 6s in a test match for India ?
12 Before Klusener took 8 wickets in 2nd innings of his debut Kolkata test to lead SA to victory, he was smashed for 5 consecutive boundaries in an over. Who was the batsman?
13 In 1998, India chased down the then highest score in an ODI against Pakistan in the 3rd Final of Independence Cup at Dhaka. Who hit the winning four of the penultimate ball?
14 Which city hosted the first match of inaugral Border-Gavaskar Series?
15 Who took the famous running catch to dismiss Viv Richards in the 1983 World Cup final ?
16 Who was Man of the Match in inaugral T20 World Cup final in 2007, that India won ?
17 How many test series has India lost at home since the beginning of the 90s (upto Oct 2009) ?
18 Who is the only Indian batsman to score double hundreds in two consecutive test matches?
19 Who holds the record for being youngest Indian test captain ?
20 Which Indian batsman has the highest score in tests outside the sub-continent (i.e outside India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) ?
21 Who has taken most wickets for India in World Cups?
22 Harbhajan Singh took a hattrick in the famous Kolkata test vs Australia in 2001. Who is the only other Indian bowler to take a test hattrick ?
23 Who was Man of the Match in India's first test win in South Africa ?
24 Against which country did India win their first overseas test series ?
25 Who was man of the match in India's 2nd highest successful run-chase in Chennai test vs England in Dec 2008 ?