How addicted are you to the Lonely Island?

See if you're a stalker or if you're not in the know at all!

1 What year were the Dudes born in?
2 Where are the Dudes from?
3 Which is NOT a line from a song by TLI?
4 Which is NOT a song by TLI?
5 What TV show are the Lonely Island a part of?
6 What TV show did the Lonely Island create a spoof show of?
7 What is the name of the movie created by the Lonely Island?
8 Which is NOT a character portrayed by anyone in TLI?
9 Which is NOT a short/song created by TLI?
10 Who isn't a member of TLI (a freebie)?
11 Who hasn't appeared in a short/song by TLI?
12 Who is Jorma Taccone's wife?