How Deep are your roots in Sanpete County?

Whether you are an old timer in Sanpete county, complete with the accent, or a transplant from the City, and Sanpetian is your 2nd language, see how deep you've settled in.

1 While the posted speed limit is 55, what is the actual speed of most drivers in Sanpete county?
2 What is the difference between North and South Sanpete?
3 The most common last name in Sanpete ends with...
4 if you live in Mt. Pleasant or any town in Sanpete, what animal are you?
5 If you see someone buying tobacco on a Sunday, what does that mean?
6 A crime spree in Manti means...
7 T'here's an old saying that if you marry a girl from Sanpete County, she'll always be happy because....
8 Between the hours of 10pm and 5am, the average main streets in Sanpete County will have how many cars on it?
9 What is the first thing you do when someone asks you out in Sanpete County?
10 There are two kinds of people in Sanpete County, they are...
11 If you see someone with big hair, heavy makeup, and tan skin, you know what about them?
12 To get a good job in Sanpete County, you must...
13 Why is there a dividing line between North and South Sanpete?
14 How can you tell the difference between a college educated resident of Sanpete, and a high school drop out?
15 If you are a college professor, you are most likely to be found in what town or city in Sanpete?