what paintball league will you play in?
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what paintball league will you play in?

take this quiz to find out. dont take this quiz if you dont know paintball terms. in tjhis quiz i use bunker names positions and other things.

1. your at snake 2 shooting down your lane when you see a player from the other team running down the snake to bunker you, what do you do?
2. what bunker do u play off the break?
3. its down to a 1 on 1 what do u do?
4. when your playing snake what do you do off the break?
5. do u even play paintball?
6. your playing in the doritos and your team captain tells you to move up, what do u do?
7. do you like alot of people whatching you play?
8. what gun would you perfere to use?
9. what position do u play?
10. how many players are on your team when your playing?