So, You Think You Know About Sex?

I did a quiz on this topic and thought 'this could be better'. So I present this test, delving to the darkest depths of all actions connubial, copulative or inflagranti.

1 What is the most important aspect of having sex?
2 In Male Sexual Organs the Scrotum is?
3 In Female Sexual Organs the Vaginal rugae is?
4 What does HIV stand for?
5 HIV which causes AIDs is a Sexually Transmitted Infection. True or False: Both can be cured?
6 Broadly speaking sexual activities can be put into seven categories. Which one below is an imposter?
7 What is Acrotomophilia?
8 What is Chrematistophilia?
9 Monday Morning Rebound Syndrome is?
10 The findings of the Kinsey Report on Female Sexual Behavior what was the second most important form of sexual outlet for females?