So, You Think You Know About Sex?
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So, You Think You Know About Sex?

I did a quiz on this topic and thought 'this could be better'. So I present this test, delving to the darkest depths of all actions connubial, copulative or inflagranti.

1. What is the most important aspect of having sex?
2. In Male Sexual Organs the Scrotum is?
3. In Female Sexual Organs the Vaginal rugae is?
4. What does HIV stand for?
5. HIV which causes AIDs is a Sexually Transmitted Infection. True or False: Both can be cured?
6. Broadly speaking sexual activities can be put into seven categories. Which one below is an imposter?
7. What is Acrotomophilia?
8. What is Chrematistophilia?
9. Monday Morning Rebound Syndrome is?
10. The findings of the Kinsey Report on Female Sexual Behavior what was the second most important form of sexual outlet for females?