Are you even LOVE material?

Love is pain, so are you strong enough to take it on board? Or will you be shattered like broken glass if your lover left you?

1 You see your crush walking past you. What do you do?
2 You are having a party and you want to invite your crush. What do you do?
3 You are super excited that your crush finally asks you on a date. He/she asks where you want to go, where would you pick?
4 You don't want to be with your lover anymore and decide to dump them. How do you do it?
5 Your closest friends tell you they saw your lover with someone else! What do you do?
6 Your lover dumps you, and you feel really hurt! What do you do?
7 Your best friend likes the same person you like. But your crush asks your friends out instead of you...what do you do?