Are you a juggalo?

This Quiz is to see if you know your knowledge of psychopathic records.

1 What artist are on psychopathic records as of 2009.Not counting Dark lotus,or psychopathic rydaz.
2 What jokers card was released October 10, 1995 ?
3 What group was twiztid in before they joined with psychopathic records?
4 Which Blaze Ya Dead Homie albums came out on October 19, 2004?
5 Whats psychopathic records big 4 day event they hold every year for the juggalos called?
6 What is a true juggalo?
7 What is violent j's book called?
8 What drink does Insane Clown posse throw at there shows?
9 What label dropped insane clown posse for the release of great milenko ?
10 What album did violent j lose weight for?
11 Who was in charge of psychopathic records during the milenko era?
12 The final Question whats the track called that features Icp,Twiztid,Blaze,Abk,Amb,Boondox,Dj clay