How Well do You Know Ewan Clements???
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How Well do You Know Ewan Clements???

He's fluffy, he's racist, he's weird, he's ANGRY, and he hates you :) How well do you know the 'bearded wee man?'

1. What is Ewans Favourite Country?
2. Who is first to be kicked out of the country when Ewan comes to power?
3. Where does Ewan go for lunch EVERY DAY?
4. What did Ewan suggest I (Scott) should do, in a text to Andrew?
5. What is Ewan's favourite insult?
6. Which one of the following is a distinctive feature about Ewan?
7. How tall is Ewan?
8. What is Ewan really bad at saying?
9. What did Ewan admit on the 13th of November 2009?
10. Ewan likes to throw __________ at people...
11. Ewan's biggest fear is...
12. According to Ewan, Alistair Darling is ___________
13. When Ewan reffers to Andrew's ''uncle'' he is reffering to whom?
14. Ewan has what as a screen saver on his laptop?
15. Ewan lives in...
16. What did Ewan do on the 13th of November which I (Scott) considered sexual?
17. What is Ewan's method of kicking people out of the country?