How Well do You Know Ewan Clements???

He's fluffy, he's racist, he's weird, he's ANGRY, and he hates you :) How well do you know the 'bearded wee man?'

1 What is Ewans Favourite Country?
2 Who is first to be kicked out of the country when Ewan comes to power?
3 Where does Ewan go for lunch EVERY DAY?
4 What did Ewan suggest I (Scott) should do, in a text to Andrew?
5 What is Ewan's favourite insult?
6 Which one of the following is a distinctive feature about Ewan?
7 How tall is Ewan?
8 What is Ewan really bad at saying?
9 What did Ewan admit on the 13th of November 2009?
10 Ewan likes to throw __________ at people...
11 Ewan's biggest fear is...
12 According to Ewan, Alistair Darling is ___________
13 When Ewan reffers to Andrew's ''uncle'' he is reffering to whom?
14 Ewan has what as a screen saver on his laptop?
15 Ewan lives in...
16 What did Ewan do on the 13th of November which I (Scott) considered sexual?
17 What is Ewan's method of kicking people out of the country?