How good at climbing are you?

Ever wondered if you have what it takes for indoor or outdoor rock climbing? Take this quick and easy quiz to find out!

1 Welcome to the quiz! Please answer all questions TRUTHFULLY. Anyway question one: What knot do you tie onto your harness?
2 What two items do you use to belay?
3 You have a 60M rope, what is the highest face you can climb?
4 Pick one advantage that a GriGri has over a bug:
5 You have a bag clipped onto your harness. What is it most likely to have in it?
6 It's the end of a long day, you are tired, you can see the next part of the route is quite challenging. What do you do?
7 You have a choice between three routes, what would you pick?
8 You are level with a clip. Your hand is slipping slowly and you need to make the clip. What do you do?
9 How many pull-ups can you do?
10 How long can you run?
11 How would you describe your stamina?
12 Which of these are climbing techniques?
13 How much experience do you have?
14 Bonus question: Which is harder?