Which serial killer are you?

Find out thru answering basic questions, which serial killer you most resemble.

1 In a biology class, when it was time to disect an animal. How did you feel?
2 How do you see yourself?
3 From the selection: Who has hurt you the most?
4 How do you feel about your sexuality? (Answer honestly)
5 Which family member has shaped you most, for good or bad?
6 What BAD influence/vice have you subjected yourself to most?
7 In school with which group did you identify most?
8 If you did something you knew was wrong you would....
9 On whom would you like to display your most deepest sexual fantasies?
10 Which is closest to your sexual fantasy?
11 Who/what do you most resent in life?
12 If someone horribly murdered a family member, how would you seek revenge