How much of a douchebag are you? (guys recomended)

This quiz will let you know how much of a douchebag you really are.

1 How do you like to wear your hat?
2 What is the shortest relationship you've ever had?
3 What's your choice car?
4 look at your pants right now, where is the back of your pants on your body?
5 How often do you wear short sleeve shirts? or cutoffs
6 Do you gel or straighten your hair?
7 On a volume scale from 1-100 how loud do you have your music?
8 Do you dance or sing to music?
9 Do you have a nickname only your guy friends call you?
10 Do you flirt with other girls when your dating someone?
11 How many friends do you have that are douchebags?
12 Whats your favorite color?
13 Last Question- What do you say alot?