What kind of Patriot are you?
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What kind of Patriot are you?

Find out how patriotic you are and what person best represents your beliefs.

1. Have you served in the military?
2. What is the most important issue to you.
3. Which phrase describes your view the best?
4. Would you die for what you believe in?
5. You are alone in the woods with a large group of friends and have no way to get home, the first thing you should do is???
6. How improtant is your family and friends.
7. You are walking down the road, when a terrorist attacks a school near you...what do you do?
8. The twin towers were attacked and you are of eligable age and condition, what do you do?
9. 2nd ammendment and guns.
10. Have you fought for what you believe in? (physically)
11. Which is best?