If you know me properly, awnser these!
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If you know me properly, awnser these!

U say u know Omar Joel?, but i bet u dont know half of him! Find out who u think he is, and the reality! :P

1. Whats his brothers name?
2. ........... WAT? lol
3. Hows life?
4. Where does he live?
5. Who r his 4 closest friends?
6. Does he believe in god?
7. Whats his fave catchphrase?
8. Does he like you?
9. What does he do in his spare time?
10. If he was your relative, what would u say?
11. What is his fave animal?
12. What does he say more?
13. How tall is he?
14. WTF? lololol!
15. What do u think he would say after an heart operation?
16. lol wat now?