If you know me properly, awnser these!

U say u know Omar Joel?, but i bet u dont know half of him! Find out who u think he is, and the reality! :P

1 Whats his brothers name?
2 ........... WAT? lol
3 Hows life?
4 Where does he live?
5 Who r his 4 closest friends?
6 Does he believe in god?
7 Whats his fave catchphrase?
8 Does he like you?
9 What does he do in his spare time?
10 If he was your relative, what would u say?
11 What is his fave animal?
12 What does he say more?
13 How tall is he?
14 WTF? lololol!
15 What do u think he would say after an heart operation?
16 lol wat now?