Let me guess your department & describe your boss
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Let me guess your department & describe your boss

Let me see if i can work out which department you work for, and then let me try to describe your boss...

1. 09:05 - You arrive late at work... no real reason, just s**t happening. You HAVE to tell your boss something... so you say...
2. 10:00 - Its time for the drinks round... Who makes the brews???
3. 11:15 - Your bosses phone starts to ring you are the only person in the room. You...
4. 12:30 - 13:30... Lunch time!!!
5. 16:00 - people are starting to relax as its nearly the end of the working day. However you are
6. 17:30 - Time to go home... the building starts to become deserted... choose the most apt description of youself at this time of day
7. 20:00 - 2½ Hours of unpaid overtime later... Who notices you're still there??? (Actually its a trick question, as none of them will notice you 'cos they can't see past their inflated egos... but choose one anyway...)