Kenny Vs Spenny

Who Said This Quote

1 Who Said This Quote ? If it wasn't for spell check I would be legally retarded
2 Who said this quote ? So then I could use the word Gruanckreepruck.
3 Who said this quote ? I did not bring you down here to show you my penis.
4 Who said this quote ? Holly Biblee, she sat next to me in Grade Eight.
5 Who said this quote ? LET ME MASTURBATE ALONE! FUCK!
6 Who said this quote ? If you don't give me my shoe, I'm going to urinate in your mouth!
7 In Which Eppisode Does Spenny Take LSD
8 What does Kenny do to Spencer in attempt to insure a victory in the Boxing episode?
9 Who is able to make Kenny laugh first in the "First one to laugh loses" competition?
10 Who Is Funnier
11 Do you even know what this show is?
12 Whats spenny's middle name?
13 What do they do on this show?