How well do you know Jay-Z's lyrics?

Find out how well you know jay's lyrics.

1 What song contains "Y'all run, we chill"?
2 "Think with indelible ink, i let the pen go" comes from?
3 Where's "Middle finger to the law" from?
4 Which song has "How would I know HBO would get a shot of us" ?
5 "This is what tommorow is, Welcome to tommorow" is from...
6 Where's "I'm from the hood stupid, what type of facts are those" from?
7 Hands up and wave?
8 Where's "Jeans too tight, colours too bright" from?
9 "Black cards,black cars, all black everything" is from a song known as...
10 Who You know fresher than Hov? Riddle me that...