Are you an Inuyasha buff?

Test your Inuyasha loving skills with only answers a crazy true fan knows! Don't cheat! <3

1 What is the name of Inuyasha's sword?
2 How old is Inuyasha? (human years)
3 Whats the names of Kagome's 3 school friends?
4 Thats the name of the gentle wolf demon that protects the forest?
5 What is the Black Pearl?
6 Which one of these is NOT one of Inuyasha's attack moves?
7 Which one of these ages is incorrect?
8 Whats the name of Kagome's cat?
9 Who is Sota?
10 Which doppelganger is older?
11 Who is the oldest of these members of The Band of Seven?
12 Who is the leader of The band of Seven?
13 Who killed Kikyo?
14 How did Kaede loose her right eye?
15 When does Inuyasha become human?
16 Who bring Kikyo back to life?
17 What are the names of Koga's servents?
18 What wolf rank is Koga?
19 Which name translation is wrong?
20 Who killed Shippo's father?
21 The colour of Inuyasha's robe in the original manga?