Can you REALLY drive?

Forgot your drivers training? or just never needed it? Find out! (remember to answer TRUTHFULLY on how YOU ACTUALLY drive)

1 You come to a "STOP SIGN"...what do you do?
2 Someone is tail-gaiting you closely....what do you do?
3 You want to pass someone on the highway, what do you do?
4 Light turns "yellow" at intersection.....what do you do?
5 Someone "cuts you off" in traffic....what do you do?
6 You hit a patch of ice......what do you do?
7 4 wheel drive vehicles can do what better than 2 wheel drive vehicles?
8 You end up behind someone going 50Km/h in a 70Km/h zone, what do you do?
9 A police car is driving behind you(no lights or siren) what do you do?
10 You lose your brakes, what do you do?
11 Your car stalls in traffic, it won't start....what do you do?
12 In a "parking lot" you should do what?
13 You accidentilly hit another car in a parking lot....what do you do?
14 The weather is terrible, snow, rain, hail....what do you do?
15 Your car "hydroplane's" on the road...what do you do?
16 You are at a cross-walk with people crossing, you do what?
17 You realize you are in the wrong lane, what do you do?
18 Your oil light or temperature light come on...what do you do?
19 an emergency vehicle is approaching you from behind, what do you do?