How much of a T-wolf are you?
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How much of a T-wolf are you?

Have you ever wanted to know how much of a Tejeda Timberwolf you are? Well with this quiz you can find out.

1. What is Tejeda Middle School's address?
2. How many floors does Tejeda have?
3. How many portables are outside?
4. In the 2004-2005 nine school year, what was Tejeda ranked as?
5. 32 * 12 + 18 / 4 equals what?
6. In what war was Frank M. Tejeda wounded in action? 8(don't cheat by looking it up or your results will be false)
7. How many different options do you have to get from the first (7th grade) to 2nd floor (6th grade)?
8. In the 2008-2009 school year Tejeda Broke a N.E.I.S.D record in what event?