How Violent Are You?
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How Violent Are You?

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1. Someone's talking shit about you with a group of their friends, you?..
2. Someone gets in your face and starts yelling a bunch of bullshit, you..?
3. You aren't having a great day, and somebodies agitating you. You?..
4. Your neighbor's bitching about something you apparently did with out you having any memory of doing so, you..?
5. Your boss is a fucking prick! You were a good worker, but she/he just laid you off!.. you..?
6. You hear someones been talking shit about you behind your back, you?..
7. Some one's fucking around with your friend, you?..
8. Your friend is starting shit with somebody and wants you to back him/her up.. you?..
9. You stubbed your toe pretty hard.. you?
10. Say death took a semi human form and laughed in your face, bout' ready to kill you, you'd?..
11. You hear of a gruesome murder on T.V, you?..
12. You're walking down the street when some people in a car passing you up decides to throw a shake at you, but before they could speed off a red light stops them, you?..
13. You'd say your thoughts are..?