What's Your #1 Flaw in Relationships? [FOR GIRLS]

BEST "FLAW" QUIZ OUT THERE! This is an extremely accurate quiz that will tell you exactly what you're doing wrong in a relationship; and exactly how to fix it so you don't screw it up again. ENJOY! :)

1 You and your boyfriend are splitting up this weekend. You're going out with your girlfriends while he hits up his best friend's HUGE party of the year. What do you do?
2 You and your boyfriend get into a fight. What is the fight most likely about?
3 If your boyfriend were to be interviewed right now, what would he say your biggest problem is?
4 You see your boy staring at this sexy girl from across the room. She's looking back too. What do you do?
5 What would you do if your man cheated on you?
6 In YOUR opinion, which of the following represent your personality the best?
7 AND LASTLY... Well, this question doesn't really affect anything. But pick your favourite.