"Which MONSTER SQUAD character are you?"

Twenty years ago, The Monster Squad was released. If you ever had a love for classic B movie monsters, this film brought them all together with a fun twist. Count Dracula has until midnight to get an amulet that will give him control over the forces of good and evil. To help him ,the count calls on his old friends The Wolf Man, Gill Man, The Mummy, and Frankenstein. You know who to call when you have ghosts, but who do call about monsters? A group of brave kids called The Monster Squad. And yes, the Wolf Man Still has nards!

1 What year was The Monster Squad made?
2 At what time was the world suppose to come to an end?
3 Who killed the most monsters of the film?
4 What brand of candy bar did the bully "A.J." have to eat off of the ground?
5 Where did the Monster squad hold their meetings?
6 How many ways are there to kill a Werewolf?
7 What was the frantic man who stormed the jail house shouting?
8 How old was The Mummy?
9 What language was the Journal written in?
10 What was the "Fat kid's" Name?
11 What kid of weapon did Horris use to kill The Gill Monster?
12 Where was Frankenstein found?
13 What food was served to the children at Scary German Guys home
14 Where did Phoebe meet Frankenstein?
15 Who wanted to take over the world?