how well do you know country music

finish the lyrics to the songs, or tell the name of the song

1 complete the lyrics (country boy) Oh i'm a country boy, got a
2 (big deal) well he used to be mine
3 (i aint in checotah anymore) on any given friday night
4 (big bad john) these few words were written on that stand
5 (little bitty) might as well share might as well smile
6 (sissy's song) She flew up to Heaven on the wings of angels
7 (born country)Crickets serenadin' in the yard
8 (goodbye Earl) Right away Mary Anne flew in from Atlanta
9 (sold(at the grundy county auction)) I'm sold! On the lady in the second row
10 (why dont we just dance) bouncin' off the wall floatin' on air
11 name this song, I gave you a ring And I promised you things I always thought we'd do
12 name this song. she married, when she was twenty, thought she was ready, now shes not so sure
13 song: She's a raging Cajun, a lunatic from Brunswick
14 song? gonna kick off my shoes and run in bare feet
15 last one! (first base), why yes i went to harvard,(safe) i majored in pre-med,(he's got a big lead)(picked off)just stayed for one semester,( it could be, he's out.)