How well do you REALLY know me?

Another boring knowledge of someone else quiz. Don't have to take it, but if you do take it that's alright.

1 Where was I born?
2 When is my birthday (no cheating by looking it up on a calandar)?
3 What was my first job?
4 Have I ever broken a bone?
5 What was I trying to get a degree in?
6 What is my favorite energy beverage (flavor variants excluded for simplicity)
7 What kind of music am I likely to listen to on a given day (Again variants excluded)?
8 What kind of video games do I play and finish the most?
9 What is my gamer tag on the PSN?
10 What kind of style do I prefer?
11 Where did the "Big Fairy" references originate from to me (Hint: Nater)?
12 Last one, what is my favorite song as of 11/14/09?