What house/flat are you (that i've lived in)

I have lived in several different houses/flats with all kinds of people.... based on the following questions - which house/flat (that josie has lived in) are you???

1 You're driving back from the shops. Great, no parking. Now what?
2 You have broken the tv in your home. Dammit! What ya gonna do?
3 You want a pet! What do you get!
4 Back from work. Jesus what a day! You reach for a drink, what is it?
5 Holiday. Celebrate. Where you off to then?
6 You've been given an HMV voucher (not had one of them in years!) What do you buy?
7 It's your birthday! At last! What will you do?
8 Your dream job has come up in the paper - what is it?
9 You wake up. You're in Shoebury train station. Shit. You must have fallen asleep and not got off at your stop. What were you doing?
10 You have run out of milk and head to the shops. What shops are down your high street?
11 What are you up to this weekend? Honestly.