Are you l33t.

Are you one of the outnumbered--but never outgunned--l33t?

1 Do you know what a "strat" is?
2 Do you even know what leet means?
3 Arange in order from highest to lowest: noob, nub, leet, nubcake, newb
4 What does FPS stand for?
5 What does the term "frags" mean?
6 Is "rushing" a low thing to do?
7 What does OP mean?
8 What is "loot"?
9 Is praying and spraying a stupid thing to do?
10 What is a good weapon for close urban combat?
11 Do you like sport games?
12 Do you understand the slang term "caster"?
13 How many pylons should you construct?
14 Pwn or be....?
15 Do you fail.
16 Do you practice your micro often?
17 This is the last question. Are you...?