Would you survive a zombie apocalypse at MESC?

If a zombie apocalyspe started while we are all at MESC would you survive?

1 If somone at school randomly jumped on another person and started biting and scratching them what would you do?
2 Could you use standard classroom objects, like tables, chairs, rulers, pencils etc, as deadly weapons if you had to?
3 Are you disgusted by the sight of gore (open wounds, torn flesh), or do you faint at the sight of blood?
4 Is your usual hang out area at school near a classroom or area that can be easily and quickly fortified?
5 If a big horde of flesh eating zombies was chasing you and your friends, and your friend fell over behind you, what would you do>
6 The military or police comes in. They give you an Steyr AUG assault rifle with standard .223 ammunition.. Would you know how to use it?
7 If you were barricaded up in a classroom for several days before help arrived, with no food or water, would you consider eating the gum off the bottom of the desks? Or drinking your own urine?
8 Do you have a high pain threshold?
9 Your friend has been bitten by a zombie. He/she will turn into a zombie and try to EAT you in about 2 minutes. You have a gun somehow. What do you do?
10 How do you kill a zombie.
11 What's the worst kind of zombie.
12 Can zombies see in the dark?
13 Do you actually think you have the balls and the skills to survive a zombie invasion?