How much of a movie genious are you?

Questions about various movies the more you get right the more of a genious you are...simple.

1 What year did Marty Mc fly go back in time?
2 Who kills Uncle Ben in Spiderman?
3 In what film does Adam Sandler say "everybody my age pee's themselves, it's the coolest"
4 which famous actor get's chased by spiders in Arachnophobia
5 What is Bill and Ted's band called?
6 Who is free willies human friend?
7 Which british actor stars in 'Jaws the revenge'?
8 Who does Edward Norton play in 'Fight club'?
9 In how many of the six Rocky films does Rocky win the Big Fight?
10 What is Wolverines other Alias?
11 What pet does LL Cool J have in Deep Blue Sea?
12 What Colour is Superman's Cape?
13 Who play's Ben in knocked up?
14 What song do Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly perform together at the end of 'Step Brothers,?
15 What is Bubbas faverouite food in Forrest Gump?
16 In which movie does Steve- O do the fart mask?
17 What does nicholas cage call the Shelby GT500 in gone in 60 seconds?
18 In which Arnold Schwarzenegger film does he say "You hit the kid, I hit you"?
19 In Transformers who is Megatrons right hand man?
20 Which Ghostbuster has the hots for Dana Barrett?