do u really really really reallly know me??
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do u really really really reallly know me??

this quiz is also a test of ur patience :p how much all u guys have tolerated me and have been patient enuf to reeealy get to know me...cuz it can be reallly tuf :p i am reely fickle abt any and evrything...i am sure most of u know dt :p lets see how u guys fare...the loosers can keep trying if interested...and the winners...get a life man!!! :p and beech wale log...clap clap u can do better :p

1. what did i wanto be when i was a kid?
2. whats my favourite type of junk food
3. whats my favourite color?
4. the best gift to give me?
5. i wud wanto visit?
6. whats my fav mithai ?
7. whats my height?
8. i am most comfortable in?
9. who do i have the hots for now :D
10. what can i ride \ drive ?
11. the best thing to do when i am angry?
12. i like my hair
13. am i cleanliness freak
14. am i an outdoor person?