Are you a Degrassi Fanatic?
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Are you a Degrassi Fanatic?

This Quiz Describes How Well Are You About Degrassi? Wether in the Past , Present.

1. Why did Rick Murray arrive to school around lunchtime with a handgun?
2. In which episode and season did Peter form the Band Studz?
3. Which Main Male Degrassi Character would be the most likely person to win in every fight?
4. Which character recieved bi-polar in season 4
5. In the Episode ''Rock This Town'', Which character was murdered
6. Which 2 Characters Have been Raped in The Degrassi TNG Series
7. What would it be like if J.T or Rick Murray never died.
8. Through out seasons 6 which character started recurring in that season and is a main character in season 9
9. What Year did the main crew gradute (not Manny and Emma)