Are you a Degrassi Fanatic?

This Quiz Describes How Well Are You About Degrassi? Wether in the Past , Present.

1 Why did Rick Murray arrive to school around lunchtime with a handgun?
2 In which episode and season did Peter form the Band Studz?
3 Which Main Male Degrassi Character would be the most likely person to win in every fight?
4 Which character recieved bi-polar in season 4
5 In the Episode ''Rock This Town'', Which character was murdered
6 Which 2 Characters Have been Raped in The Degrassi TNG Series
7 What would it be like if J.T or Rick Murray never died.
8 Through out seasons 6 which character started recurring in that season and is a main character in season 9
9 What Year did the main crew gradute (not Manny and Emma)