You Don't Know Me!

How well do you know me?

1 What is my middle name?
2 How long have Derrick & I been together?
3 When's my birthday?
4 My hair is naturally...
5 What year did I graduate high school?
6 How many brothers & sisters do I have?
7 What football team do I despise?
8 How old was I when I got my 1st kiss?
9 How many tattoos do I have?
10 What are my kids names?
11 What is my favorite vacation spot?
12 I love to decorate my house for...
13 What color are my eyes?
14 From the following, what would I prefer not to watch?
15 How long have I lived in my current house?
16 What is my favorite store?
17 My favorite restaurant is...
18 What is my favorite non-alchoholic beverage?
19 What is my drink of choice?
20 What's my favorite Christmas Movie?
21 How many children do I want to have?
22 What color is my Jeep?
23 I have 2 dogs. What are their names?
24 Besides Virginia, what other state have I lived in?
25 Which is my favorite chocolate?