I.Q. Quiz

Take the quiz to see how smart you are. Do not cheat!!!

1 Two ducks and two dogs have a total of fourteen legs.
2 A pie can be cut into more than seven pieces by making only four diameter cuts through its center.
3 Two of the following numbers add up to thirteen. 1, 6, 3, 5, 11.
4 How many presidents were there in the U.S. from 1789-2009
5 Who was the 37th president?
6 Anwer the following: Solve for x, 3x+(4-5)=-2x+4
7 Why does lemon make green tea go clear?
8 What is the longest word in the english dictioary?
9 On the classic tv show, "Tom and Jerry", which one is the mouse, and the cat?
10 What was the advertising jingle used to describe the big mac in a 1975 McDonald's commercial?