how well do u know horses n such?

so u think u know horses n i dont mean "do horses have four legs?" good luck

1 what is the measurment that a horse would b considered a horse?
2 what is the bread that was ment for raceing?
3 what is it called when a horses back two feet arnt on the ground?
4 what is it called when a horses front feet arnt on the ground?
5 can a horse see directly behind them?
6 what color is a palimino mostly like?
7 what r the things at the bottem of the leg called?
8 can a horse see right in front of them?
9 what is the room called that ur horse goes into at night?
10 what is the thing called that u ride in?
11 how much water should be available to a horse at all times?
12 what do u measure a horse in??/ u should get this right lol.
13 what are the scabish things on the front legs of a horse?
14 what are the five basic coat colors?
15 why do u have to clean the horses feet?
16 what is the thing u put on a horses head called?