How dim-witted are you?

People are stupid. You probably are too. No, you're almost certainly an idiot if you have nothing better to do than take demeaning quizzes all day. Well, find out in exact terms how truly pathetic you really are!

1 How many states are in the United States?
2 x+5(12+3x)=0 Solve for x.
3 Penguins are found on which continent?
4 A verb includes what kind of words?
5 Choose the sentence with correct capitalization
6 The 'IQ' in "IQ Test" stands for what?
7 The orbit of the Earth around the sun creates a:
8 Mexico is a sovereign nation, true or false?
9 Which countries participated in the Cold War?
10 How many letters are in the English alphabet?
11 The prefix "Anti-" is derived from what language?
12 How old is the Earth? (this test assumes the year is 2009, but answers are approximate)
13 The Autobahn is a freeway in what country?
14 Who painted the Mona Lisa?
15 This is a curve question. Choose any answer as you see fit.