How deep are you "in love"?

This test will measure the depth and strength of your beating heart and the love it has for a special person. Remember, love is a personal emotion, so this test might not be entirely accurate, but it can give you a general idea.

1 When you are falling asleep, what are you thinking?
2 What does acoustic, piano, or slow music make you feel?
3 When you think of the word "flight", what would you most likely think of first?
4 When you think of the word "love", what color are you most likely to think of first?
5 What do you think most likely represents the power of your emotions?
6 If you were writing about one special person, how would you most likely begin the story?
7 How often do you use the word love?
8 Does age, gender, and distance matter to you when it comes to the other person?
9 If you had the choice to give anything in the world to the "other person", what would you most likely give?
10 What is the first thing you think about when you think of that person?