How well do you know the Jonas Brothers?

How much do you know about Kevin, Joe, Nick, and Frankie Jonas?

1 Okay, first one's easy. When were they born?
2 Which brother was born on Mama and Papa J's aniversary?
3 Which brother(s) was/were on Broadway?
4 How old was Nick when he recorded his solo album?
5 What was the very first song they wrote together?
6 Which of these shows was Nick NOT in?
7 How many Broadway shows was Joe in?
8 What was THE BANDS very first single?
9 What was the name of Nick's solo album?
10 What made Joe want to sing?
11 Which of these songs was NOT of Nick's solo album?
12 Does Kevin sing?
13 What Does Kevin claim he is "allergic" to?
14 What was their first OFFICIAL album called?
15 How old was Nick the first time he recorded a song?
16 Which of these songs did the Jonas Brothers NOT write?
17 Who said this: "New Jersey is not the armpit of America; It's the muscle!"?
18 When was Nick diagnosed with diabetes?
19 What year was MOST of It's About Time recorded?
20 Which of these is not a Jonas Brothers song?
21 How many (full) albums have they recorded to date?
22 How many music videos were there for the song "Mandy"?