How Well Do You Know the Simpsons?

It just has trivia q's about the simpsons and it's fun.

1 What is the name of the store where the comic book guy works?
2 What is Homer's bosses' full name?
3 From the Simpsons movie, what are the two names Homer gives the pig?
4 Why is Marge afraid to fly on planes?
5 Where and why did the Simpson family go for Mr. Burns?
6 What color are Marge's eyes?
7 Does Homer prodict the Apocalypse corrctly?
8 What are Marge's sisters' names'?
9 True or False- Has Bart ever been a good student?
10 What instrament does Lisa play?
11 What war was Grandpa in?
12 What is Grandpa's name?
13 What is Marge short for?
14 What is Marge's maiden name?
15 What is Homer's job?
16 What was Maggie's first word?