How well do you remember OLDSCHOOL games?
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How well do you remember OLDSCHOOL games?

Do you know your Monkey Island from your DOOM? All will be revealed.

1. Which game featured the character Guybrush Threepwood?
2. The sequel to Operation Wolf was?
3. OCEAN were based in which part of the UK?
4. International Karate and its sequel IK+ were developed by
5. Which computer system featured the game Mayhem In Monsterland?
6. Which company developed the Last Ninja series of games?
7. In which year was the groundbreaking Wolfenstein 3D released by id software?
8. The Oliver Twins developed which series of games for Codemasters?
9. Who released the ill fated Dreamcast console?
10. Which of these two characters featured in the Arcade machine Final Fight?
11. Which of these is a two player shooter arcade by DATA EAST?