How well do you remember OLDSCHOOL games?

Do you know your Monkey Island from your DOOM? All will be revealed.

1 Which game featured the character Guybrush Threepwood?
2 The sequel to Operation Wolf was?
3 OCEAN were based in which part of the UK?
4 International Karate and its sequel IK+ were developed by
5 Which computer system featured the game Mayhem In Monsterland?
6 Which company developed the Last Ninja series of games?
7 In which year was the groundbreaking Wolfenstein 3D released by id software?
8 The Oliver Twins developed which series of games for Codemasters?
9 Who released the ill fated Dreamcast console?
10 Which of these two characters featured in the Arcade machine Final Fight?
11 Which of these is a two player shooter arcade by DATA EAST?