How much do you know about John Morrison?

My quiz is to see how much everyone knows about the greates wrestler in the WWE today. Watch as I drop some knowledge on to your brain!

1 What's John Morrison's real name?
2 What reality show did John Morrison start off on?
3 What was John Morrison's first in-ring name?
4 What was John Morrisons first tag-team?
5 What was John Morrison's first ever singles title?
6 What kind of shades does John Morrison wear mostly?
7 What was John Morrison's first ever brand?
8 Why did The Miz turn on John Morrison?
9 What brand did John Morrison get drafted to from WWE draft 2009?
10 What title did John Morrison win on Smackdown! 2009?
11 Who is John Morrison's rival now?
12 Is John Morrison the greatest wrestler of the 21st century and will always be the best?