How Dumb Is Ashley (dont be mean)
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How Dumb Is Ashley (dont be mean)

blah blee ble blah blee blee QUIZ

1. If you where at the store and Ashley saw a bucket of slime and rotten eggs what did she do with it?
2. Your at the Missouri River and you and Ashley are standing on a cliff next to it what happens next?
3. What if you and Ashley are in a boat and it runs out of gas what is the frist thing you asume
4. Youtube gave you and ashley 20 million dollars fro gettin 2 views on a video and you told Ashley to hold onto it while you opened a bank account tomorrow and you come back and its all gone what did she do with it?
5. You, Ashley and a French Potatoe were having brunch and a T-Rex ate the Potatoe Ashley was mad so she...
6. "Never will I ever tell a donkey he/she is the most beautifal thing I ever seen," Ashley told you with an attitude you said alright and stole her doughnut what happens next...
7. Hobos are awesome.
8. Hannah Motana sounds like a dieing hippo.
9. This is the end of the Quiz what happened when Ashley found out?