Are you a wimp or daredevil!?

Find out whether you are a non-risk taker [aka wimp] or a real daredevil!

1 If you were asked to kiss someone of the same gender in truth or dare, would ya do it!?
2 There is a burning building and there are people stranded inside, what would you do?
3 You are extremely attracted to your best friends ex-bf/gf, what do you do?
4 How often do you take dares?
5 Will you post the results of this quiz on ur facebook page?
6 There is a hostage situation goin on at a bank, what do you do?
7 It's an out of uniform day and ur school but u only have a pair of old pants that everyone has seen u wear before, what do you do?
8 Are you a risk-taker with meeting new people and with new experiences?