How well do you know Dan?

How well do you know me?

1 Where do I work?
2 What's my favorite movie?
3 Hairy or Shaved?
4 what was the last question referring to?
5 What's my favorite musical?
6 My top 4 songs on my Ipod are by which artist?
7 Steve is:
8 Cake or Death?
9 What would I rather be doing?
10 what's in my garage?
11 What am I addicted to?
12 How do I take my coffee?
13 if i'm awake, what time is it?
14 Mark, Roger, Collins, Angel, or Benny?
15 What's my favorite Cirque show?
16 Am I Armenian?
17 republican or democrat?
18 Where would I rather be?
19 What's my favorite season?
20 Have you been in my room?
21 I drive a:
22 If I had a mansion, what would be special about it?
23 what probably hurts right now
24 I want new
25 what's my favorite drink?