Are you coming in cantact with dorks daily
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Are you coming in cantact with dorks daily

This quiz will help you decide and explain if your right eyebrow twitch is related to dorks plaguing you on a daily bases!

1. At McDonalds you order coffee at the drive through. You request that the cream and sugar in is put in. Does the attendant politely say: the cream in sugar is in the bag as they hand you your coffee?
2. Has a checkout person at Wal-Mart ever secretly hid one of your packages from you during the checkout procedure and you leave with out it only to discover this after you return home?
3. When driving on the interstate have you ever been stuck in a one mile traffic jam because a person in the fast lane is matching the speed of the person in the slow lane?
4. When at the return counter at a busy big box store have you ever heard the person in front of you in line say to the attendant: I know this is the wrong place for this but?
5. When calling for technical support for either a PC or software issue have you ever heard the phone support person say “ello my name is Robert Hussein may I be learning your name”?
6. At Star Bucks coffee have you ever saw a woman with a rather large butt in front of you in line wearing leopard print tights uncontrollably rapidly squeezing her butt checks together as if she is practicing Morse code?
7. When at a buffet style restaurant have you ever been next to a person in the buffet line and out of the corner of your eye you see them picking their nose?