The totally awsome 80s Music Quiz 2 is a upgraded and better version of the much loved Music Quiz with more questions!

1 The bangles had a hit with MANIC MONDAY but who wrote this famous song?
2 The song NOTHING COMPARES TO U, was written by PRINCE but who had the hit?
3 Who had a hit with Don't Stand So Close To Me
4 How many band members were there in the Thompson Twins
5 World In Motion was a hit for which MANCHESTER band?
6 Kajagoogoo's TOO SHY got to which chart position in the UK?
7 The Manchester band The Smiths were formed in which year?
8 The Joshua Tree was the " " studio album by U2?
9 Red Red Wine was a UB40 hit. Can you name the WRITER or the previous cover artist?
10 Smalltown Boy was a hit in june 1984 for which 80s electro band?
11 "Depeche Mode" means what in Italian?
12 Which late 80s band had Noel Gallagher later of OASIS as their roadie?
13 "Factory Records" were a major player in 80s music, but who was its founder?
14 The band BLUR were formed in 1989 but what name did they go under?
15 Final Question. A cover of which Elvis Prestley song gave The Pet Shop Boys a hit in 1987?