What is you Midichlorian Count?

How Much Do You Know About Star Wars?

1 Who trained Aurre Sing as a Jedi hopeful?. . . Episode I
2 Who was the oldest member of the Jedi Council at the time of the Battle of Naboo?. . .Episode I
3 What was Madame Jocasta Nu's postition in the Jedi Council?. . . Episode II
4 Who replaced Jedi Master Yarael Poof on the Jedi Council?. . . .Episode II
5 Which Jedi did Chancellor Palpatine kill first?. . . Episode III
6 What did Yoda tell Anakin was the "shadow of greed" . . .Episode III
7 What was Grand Moff Tarkin's first name?. . . Episode IV
8 Who was Red Three. . .Episode IV
9 Who was Echo Seven?. . . Episode V
10 What was Luke Skywalker's rank in the Rebel Alliance at the Battle of Hoth. . .Episode V
11 How old was Yoda when Luke Skywalker returned to Dagobah to complete his training?. . . Episode VI
12 To which species does Max Rebo belong?. . . Episode VI